2018 Ford Mustang Cat-Back Exhaust

MagnaFlow Offers Five Performance Exhaust System Configurations for 2018 Ford Mustang

December 5, 2017
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Ford’s 2018 Mustang GT offers more than a face lift. Upgrades for the new model year include 25 more horsepower, electronically adjustable dampers and a new quad-tip, valved exhaust system. For new Mustang owners that want more sound to match the updated Coyote, MagnaFlow has you covered.

2018 For Mustang MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust

MagnaFlow’s new systems for the 2018 Mustang GT add a smooth, deep tone while increasing exhaust flow and power. These stainless-steel bolt-on kits are available in both cat-back and axle-back configurations (PN#19368, PN#19369, PN#19370, PN#19418, PN#19419) have been engineered for maximum performance with dyno proven results. MagnaFlow systems reduce back pressure while maintaining a rich, powerful performance tone. Annoying exhaust frequencies are dampened with a dense wall of acoustical absorbing material, and the straight-through design prevents excessive heat retention, allowing the entire system to run cooler and last longer with no restrictions.

MagnaFlow has been able to free up more power by enlarging the stainless-steel tubing to 3 inches and matching it up to a 3-inch X-Pipe to increase flow. On the tail end, exhaust gasses exit through 4-inch polished or satin black tips. The new systems also utilize Magnaflow engineered active valves (optional delete pipe included) with v-band clamps for owners with or without the factory valved system.

2018 Ford Mustang GT Performance Exhaust kit

All MagnaFlow exhaust systems come with a Lifetime Warranty, and each kit includes all the necessary hardware and components for a complete, bolt-on installation. MagnaFlow products are proudly made in the USA. Magnaflow 2018 Mustang Cat-back exhaust systems start at $1,499.


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