Radium Engineering Porsche 911 Fuel System Upgrades

Radium Engineering Fuel System Upgrades for Porsche 911

November 14, 2017
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Radium Engineering has released three new bolt-on fuel system products for the 996 generation of the Porsche 911. These include a fuel surge tank kit (p/n 20-0288), fuel pump install kit (p/n 20-0276) and fuel filter kit ( p/n 20-0347).

Fuel Surge Tank
Radium Engineering has produced a bolt-in fuel surge tank installation kit for the Porsche 996. This kit provides the mounting, plumbing and electrical components to install a Radium fuel surge tank in the front trunk of the Porsche.

Porsche 996 Performance Fuel System

A surge tank is an excellent tool for resisting fuel starvation caused by aggressive driving with low fuel. This can mean avoiding a lean condition which can damage an engine.

Porsche Turbo Fuel System Upgrade

The surge tank integrates with the factory fuel lines for an easy installation. The OEM in-tank fuel pump’s venturi jet pump system will still remain fully functional when the surge tank is installed. Different pump options are available for use inside of the surge tank. Radium Porsche 996 Fuel Surge Tank starts at $399.95.

Fuel Pump Install Kit
A simple fuel pump upgrade in a Porsche 996 Turbo is now possible! This installation kit allows a high flow aftermarket fuel pump to be installed into the fuel tank, replacing the OEM fuel pump. Several pump options are available. The machined aluminum adapter allows the fuel pump to snap into the factory fuel pump hanger. An electrical adapter harness is also provided (depending on pump model selected) for plug and play installation.

Radium Porsche 996 997 Fuel Pump Upgrade

The Radium Porsche 996 Turbo Fuel Pump Install Kit is priced at $89.95 with a selection of optional fuel pumps.

Fuel Filter Kit
The Radium Engineering fuel filter kit replaces the factory fuel filter that is found in the engine bay and is compatible with the 996 and 997.1 models. The Radium high flow fuel filter is available with three different filter element types depending on what fuel is used, serviceability requirements and filtration efficiency.

Porsche 996 and 997 Fuel System Upgrade

The fuel filter kit includes everything needed for a trouble free installation. Radium Porsche Fuel Filter Kit prices start at $169.95

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