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Factory Five '33 Hot Rod Fender Kit

Factory Five Hot Rod Fender Options Available

Jul 05, 2009
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A few months ago, we brought you the ’33 Hot Rod kit from Factory Five Racing (FFR). One of the coolest new products to debut at the 2008 SEMA show; the FFR Hot Rod is a modern day version of the 1933 Ford. The FFR ’33 was designed from a clean sheet of paper using the latest

RAM Force 9.5 and 10.5 Clutch

Ram Clutches’ Entry-Level Clutch Kit for GM LS, Ford and More

May 10, 2009
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Ram Clutches’ new Force 9.5 dual-disc clutch-flywheel assembly transmits up to 800lb ft of torque, transmits it quietly, and suits all GM LS engines – including the 2010 Camaro as well as 4.6 and 5.4L Fords.  In fact, this new 9.5in entry-level clutch-flywheel assembly can be installed on any engine for which Ram makes a twin-plate clutch.

Professional Products Powerjection III

Compact and Affordable EFI for Your Hot Rod, Muscle Car or Truck

Apr 10, 2009
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There is no denying that fuel injection is an efficient and reliable way to run your engine. Using an electronic control unit (ECU), fuel injection can provide stable drivability without the constant tuning often needed with a carburetor. Professional Products has brought electronic fuel injection to a new level with their new Powerjection III. The Powerjection III

Accel Ceramic Ignition Wires

Eliminate Burt Plug Boots Forever

Apr 03, 2009
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ACCEL now offers the cure for burnt spark plug wire boots with Extreme 9000 Ceramic Wire kits. The 8mm Ferro-Spiral core wire now has ceramic boots on the spark plug end of the wires that will withstand up to 2,000° F. If you are running headers with close tolerances, an engine bay with little room, or an

Diablosport Trinity Handheld Tuner

Diablosport Reinvents the Hand-Held Programmer with Trinity

Mar 02, 2009
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Trinity is the newest hand-held EFI tuning device from Diablosport, with a color touch screen and data acquisition, packaged in a slim, easy to install module. Trinity is a Virtual Gage Monitor, Performance Programmer, and Diagnostic Code Reader all in one. Virtual Gauge Monitor Trinity is the most advanced diagnostic tuning device from Diablosport. With over 100MB

Zex Blackout Nitrous Kit

ZEX New Blackout Nitrous Systems

Feb 08, 2009
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ZEX has launched the Blackout series – a line nitrous systems featuring all-black powder-coated bottles, plates, fittings and carbon fiber-look hoses that deliver an unprecedented new look and power potential. With the new Blackout Nitrous Kits you no longer are you forced to go with the standard purple components to achieve the powerful nitrous performance generated by

Holley Aluminum Street Avenger Carbs

Aluminum Street Avenger Carbs from Holley

Jan 31, 2009
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I admit it, I’m not good with carburetors.  I grew up in the age of fuel injection and never could properly tune a carb.  I must not be the only one as Holley has announced their “ready-to-run” Street Avenger carburetors. Ok, the Holley Street Avenger is not that new, but Holley now offers the carbs in lightweight

Autometer American Muscle Series Gauges

American Muscle and Competition Gauges from Auto Meter

Dec 12, 2008
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Auto Meter announced the introduction of their new American Muscle series gauges and their award winning Competition Series Gauges. The latest in designer street performance instruments, American Muscle instruments feature advanced hybrid dial technology combining Auto Meter’s signature white Hi-Def LED illumination and glowing red pointers for maximum readability with spun aluminum dials featuring embossed details for

Inglese Small Block Ford 8 Stack EFI Induction

Classic Weber Induction with Fuel Injection Performance

Nov 26, 2008
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If you’ve never driven a car with Weber carburetors, I highly recommend it.  You simply can’t match the super crisp and sensitive throttle response of an 8-stack induction system.  Inglese, makers of jewelry-like Weber-style induction systems, has mastered the linkage and tuning issues common with multi-carb kits.  They have now applied this experience to their new EFI

Factory Five '33 Hot Rod

Build a High-Performance 1933 Hot Rod from Factory Five

Nov 24, 2008
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There were more than 2,000 new products submitted to SEMA for their New Products Showcase this year, but there was one product that really caught me eye – the ’33 Hot Rod from Factory Five Racing (FFR).  Factory Five is famous for its performance based Cobra replicas and other high performance component car kits, such as their