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Painless Performance LS Engine Gauge Controller

Painless Gauge Controller for LS Engine Conversions

May 25, 2014
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Are you running a modern LSx drivetrain in an older vehicle? If so, you have probably contemplated how you are going to run all of your aftermarket gauges. Up until now your only option was to purchase all the sensors you needed individually and install them to run just the gauges, even though your modern LSx drivetrain

Trans Dapt Swirl-Torque style phenolic carburetor spacers

Trans Dapt Unlocks Reliability and Power From Your Carbureted Engine

May 17, 2014
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When it comes to extracting every last bit of horsepower from an engine, heat is always the enemy.  For years, heat soaked carburetors have made engines struggle to maintain power due to vapor lock, higher intake air temperatures and percolation. Now, with Trans Dapt’s plastic and canvas phenolic carburetor spacers with Swirl-Torque technology, enthusiasts have a way

B&M Racing Automatic Transmission Cooler

B&M Racing SuperCoolers Set to Lower Transmission Temps

Apr 19, 2012
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Heat is great if you’re tanning or you want to grill a steak. But when it comes to automatic transmission fluid and engine oil, cooking is the last thing you want to do if preserving your driveline is a priority. That’s what makes the B&M Racing SuperCoolers must-have items for when the mercury starts to rise. Based

Ridetech Heavy Duty 4-Link

Ridetech Heavy Duty 4-Link Rear Suspension Kit

Feb 17, 2012
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Heavy duty truck are the perfect application for an air suspension. The weight load of these truck can vary by several thousand pounds from trailers, people, or other cargo. With a traditional leafspring suspension you are forced to endure a harsh ride quality when unloaded in order to accommodate any anticipated cargo when loaded. With air suspension,

Hose Candy Quick Coupler Hoses

Vacuum and Turbo Hose Quick-Coupler System is Both Attractive and Effective

Jan 30, 2012
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Hose Candy from OOMPH! Labs is a patent pending, new and unique system that converts all vacuum and turbo hoses to a quick-coupled setup, eliminating broken fittings or barbs during removal or troubles with unyielding, rigid hose ends. They connect and disconnect in a moment with half a twist of your finger and thumb. Hose Candy™ is

Maradyne Electric Cooling Fan

Maradyne Pacesetter Fans for Daily Drivers and Jetsetter Platinum for Max Cooling

Dec 03, 2011
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Maradyne High Performance Fans introduces two new ways to keep your engine cool. The Pacesetter Series fan line is designed to replace worn-out original equipment electric fans and clutch fans in daily driver vehicles while their Jetstream Platinum dual 12-inch, low profile fan delivers maximum airflow specifically for 27” – 29” radiators. Pacesetter Series Fans The new

Vortech Maxflow Fuel Pump Booster

Vortech Maxflow Fuel Pump Booster Adds Fuel When You Need It

Nov 17, 2011
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When you look to increase the power of your vehicle via a supercharger, turbo or other mods, it all essentially breaks down to adding more air and fuel. With today’s modern cars with returnless fuel systems, adding fuel might not be an easy task. Vortech Superchargers is here to help with their new Fuel Pump Voltage Booster,

2005-2010 Toyota Truck Clutch Replacement

ACT SFI-Approved Performance Clutch Kits for 2005-2010 Toyota Trucks

Oct 08, 2011
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Advanced Clutch Technology (ACT) has released new performance clutch kits for the 2005-2010 Toyota Tacoma, 2005-2010 Tacoma Pre-Runner, 2005-2010 Toyota Tacoma X-Runner, 2005-2006 Tacoma Tundra and the 2006-2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser. ACT’s new clutch kits for the applications above feature a Heavy Duty pressure plate that incorporates hardened diaphragm fingers for decreased wear and provides a 32

Ridetech Triple Adjustable Shockwave Suspension

Ridetech Triple Adjustable ShockWave Air Ride Suspension

Sep 27, 2011
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Ridetech is proud to announce that their ShockWave air spring and shock combination is available as triple adjustable shocks, giving drivers ultimate control over their ride height AND shock valving. This newest addition to the Ridetech shock line goes beyond the typical double adjustable units that have been popular; the TA shock has a single rebound adjustment

Holley Aluminum Ultra HP Carburetor

Holley Aluminum Ultra HP Carburetors

Sep 21, 2011
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Holley Performance Products is proud to announce their new Aluminum Ultra HP™ Carburetors. A total of 30 new features and upgrades have been engineered into the new Aluminum Ultra HP™. Most notable are the all aluminum construction, which makes them 38% lighter, and totally redesigned fuel bowls that increase fuel capacity by 20%. The fuel bowls incorporate