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Lunati Cams for FE 352-428 cid Ford Engines

New Lunati Cams for FE 352-428 cid Ford engines

Oct 06, 2014
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Ford’s venerable “FE” Series V-8 engines are often overshadowed by the more popular Windsor and Cleveland-headed small blocks. But these engines were once the kings of drag strips, road courses, and circle tracks, appearing in everything from passenger cars and trucks to the iconic Le Mans-winning GT40 Mk IIs and NASCAR Ford Galaxies. Now racers and street

BMR Suspension Adjustable Front Sway Bar for S197 Ford Mustang

BMR Suspension Adjustable Front Sway Bar for S197 Ford Mustang

Oct 03, 2014
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Sway bars are all about controlling body roll. BMR Suspension sway bars are designed to out perform the stock sway bars in every way. Designed from heavy-wall 38mm DOM tubing, BMR’s sway bars (PN SB041) are cold formed to better resist torsional fatigue and retain their “memory” far longer than conventional hot-formed bars. This allows for exact

2011-2014 Ford F-150 Performance Cat-Back Exhaust System

Ford F-150 Side Exit ROUSH Performance Exhaust System

Jul 24, 2014
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The latest ROUSH Performance F-150 exhaust kit not only adds throaty growl, but also stock-car-inspired styling by redirecting the exhaust gas out to the passenger side of the vehicle. “We wanted to provide a product that offered something beyond aggressive sound and the appearance upgrade that you would expect from a ROUSH exhaust kit,” says Tony Marszalek,

Hedman swap headers for FE and 385 series engines

Hedman 1954-1972 Ford F-100 Big Block Swap Headers

Jul 05, 2014
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Ford’s FE and 385-series big block engines have become increasingly popular in the classic truck community thanks to renewed support from the aftermarket. Found powering everything from the iconic Le Mans-winning GT40 Mk IIs and NASCAR Ford Galaxies to passenger cars and F-Series pickups, Ford’s big block motors are abundant, easy to find and are known for

2004-2009 Ford F150 and F250 Hedman Headers

Hedman 50-State Legal Headers for 1999-2009 Ford F-150 and F-250 5.4L

Jun 25, 2014
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The Ford F-Series is the modern workhorse of America, handling jobs that range from hauling heavy loads at a construction site to daily carpool duty for a family. Now Hedman Hedders offers six different 50-state emissions legal header numbers for 1999-2009 F-150 and F-250 trucks that are powered by the tried and true 5.4L two-valve and three-valve

HRE TR40 Series Truck and SUV Wheels

HRE TR40-Series Performance Truck Wheels

Jun 10, 2014
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HRE has been known for providing wheels for the world’s finest sports and supercars for over three decades and now has two new styles for truck owners looking to give their pickup a completely custom look: Enter the HRE TR40 Series. The all-new TR40 lineup features HRE’s signature Monoblok technology that has been adapted to the truck

1986-2007 Ford Mustang X-Pipe

Hedman Bolt-On X-pipe Kits for 1986-2007 Ford Mustang

Jun 09, 2014
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A true dual exhaust was the hot ticket until enthusiasts started adding H-pipes to change the sound and performance of traditional two-pipe systems. Unfortunately, turbulence in the merge area led tuners questioning how they could eliminate firing order pressure differences between the right and left banks of the exhaust manifolds, and free up more horsepower. The eventual

McKeown Motorsport Engineering Introduces the MME Cleveland 2K Crate Engine

Jun 12, 2011
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MME, McKeown Motorsport Engineering, the acclaimed Ford engine builder of almost 30 years, is introducing the world’s first aftermarket Cleveland engine, the MME Cleveland 2K. While the original Ford Cleveland has been known to be a high-output, high RPM, small-block Ford, MME’s carbureted or fuel injected street-versions produce vibrant air flow without having to turn high RPM.

Steeda Mustang Lightweight Radiator Support

Steeda Lightweight Radiator Support for 2005-2014 Mustangs

Jun 09, 2011
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Mustang owners are always searching for ways to improve the performance of their rides. Whether you’re building a drag racer, road racer or just the ultimate street performer, one thing we can all agree on is that reducing weight of the vehicle is never a bad thing. Steeda Autosports is a familiar name in the Mustang aftermarket.

Mustang Mini Tub Kit

Grave Robbers Rear Wheel Tubs for 1964-1970 Mustangs and Cougars

Jun 06, 2011
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The first rear wheel mini tubs have just arrived for Mustangs and Cougars 1964-1970. Wider than the originals by 2.250 inches, they permit the use of desirable 17-20 inch modern wheels and tires 9-12 inch wide and are essential for Pro Touring use. Developed by sheet metal specialists, Grave Robbers, in collaboration with Goodmark these new 18-gauge stampings