Banks 1.8 iDash Super Gauge

Banks 1.8 iDash Super Gauge Redefines the Automotive Gauge

January 9, 2018
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The new Banks 1.8 iDash Super Gauge is now available for all 2008 and newer vehicles and many pre-2008 OBD-II vehicles. This gauge redefines data gathering and logs that information, showing you which of your modifications actually optimize your performance.

Bank iDash Date Logger

This gauge is actually a combination of computer and monitor. It plugs into your vehicle’s OBD-II port, reading and calculating all data your vehicle makes available. This “information gathering machine” features a bright 1.8” color LCD display and is a standard sized 52mm (2 1/16”) for easy mounting into a dashboard or accessory mounting pod. The Banks Super Gauge can display from two to five parameters on a single gauge and even in its basic form continuously data-logs up to 20 min/max values. Add the $70 data-logging upgrade option to get continuous data-logging on up to 100 values at 10 samples per second. With the included microSD Card, there is no limit to the number or length of the data-logs you can save, downloaded via .csv file, or play back through the gauge itself. Use the Banks 1.8 Super Gauge to read data you never knew you could read (and may not even have known existed). Don’t just monitor your vehicle’s performance – define your vehicle’s performance!

The 1.8 iDash Super Gauge works with naturally aspirated, supercharged, and turbocharged vehicles, and reports compressor efficiency, intercooler efficiency, and other advanced parameters in real time. It works with all vehicles produced after 2008 and many pre-2008 OBD-II CAN bus vehicles. View the pre-2008 Vehicle Fitment Chart on the Banks Power website.

Banks 1.8 iDash Super Gauge ECU Tuner

But that’s just the beginning of the story! This gauge has a user-configurable shift light and is jam-packed with features, starting with the ability to read and clear codes (no need to buy a scanning tool), correct for tire size, set low/high alerts for up to 20 user-selectable parameters (like speed, RPM, etc.), and set custom alerts for any available parameter. Additionally, you can daisy chain four of the gauges together with one “primary” and up to three “secondary” gauges, displaying up to 20 parameters at a time, (up to five per gauge). Here is a partial list of the its great features:

  • Customizable multiple layout display – change screens and/or colors with 2-5 parameters per gauge
  • Read Boost Pressure, EGT and so much more
  • Monitor Manifold Air Density, Boost Air Density and other Banks-patented parameters
  • View Density data in optimized Density layout screen
  • Avoid costly repairs by monitoring important sensors
  • Diagnose & Clear Trouble Codes (explains codes in plain English, not just code)
  • Read up to 80 OBD-II Mode 01 values
  • Over 300 parameters available
  • View data your dash doesn’t display
  • Displays accurate values your OEM dash gauges filter
  • Intuitive menu navigation using 4-button interface
  • Auto-dimming backlight
  • Selectable English/metric units
  • Display patented, exclusive OBD-II Density (when used with optional sensor)
  • Log up to 20 min/max values
  • Logs data you select (whether displayed or not)
  • Expandable up to four gauges

Banks 1.8 iDash Super Gauge Installation

The Banks 1.8 iDash Super Gauge is priced at $269 for the Primary or stand-alone, $249 for each secondary gauge. Add full continuous Data-logging for just $70.


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