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Chevy Camaro Eaton Truetrac Performance Differential

Detroit Truetrac for Fifth Generation Chevrolet Camaro

Feb 09, 2016No Comments19 Views

Eaton is proud to announce the popular Eaton Detroit Truetrac performance differential for the new 5th generation Camaro. Sporting a steel case and a design that has been proven in race cars, medium duty trucks and even military vehicles make Truetrac the perfect differential for the V8 Camaro. The helical gear design provides quiet and smooth operation while automatically transferring torque to the wheel with the best traction. Eaton’s Detroit Truetrac has no clutches or cones to wear out and never needs maintenance. This highly engineered unit will provide maximum power to the ground while enhancing driving and handling characteristics.

QA1 Carbon Fiber Driveshafts for 1979-2004 Ford Mustang

QA1 Carbon Fiber Driveshafts for 1979-2004 Ford Mustang

Jan 28, 2016No Comments43 Views

QA1 now offers its REV™ Series carbon fiber driveshafts for 1979-2004 Mustangs. These award-winning carbon fiber driveshafts are designed for vehicles with up to 750 HP with a max rated torque of 500 lb*ft. They are specifically designed to fit 1979-1995 Mustangs and Capri 5.0L vehicles with T-5/SROD/C-4/AOD transmissions; 1979-1993 Mustangs with Tremec transmissions and 7.5” or 8.8” axles; 1996-2004 Mustangs; and 1996-1998 4.6L Cobras with manual transmissions. QA1’s Mustang driveshafts feature CNC machined forged tube yokes, Spicer Life Series U-Joints, a 28- or 31-spline slip yoke on the front and a lightweight rear flange yoke made from forged aluminum.

Roush 2015-2016 Mustang Stage 2 Supercharger

ROUSH Performance 2015-2016 Mustang GT Phase 2 Supercharger System

Jan 26, 2016No Comments44 Views

After thousands of hours of engineering and testing, the wait is over! The ROUSH Phase 2 Supercharger Kit for all 2015-2016 Mustang 5.0 GTs is now available! ROUSH is please to announce a Phase 1 to Phase 2 upgrade kit for all current Phase 1 Supercharger owners; and a complete ROUSH Phase 2 Supercharger Kit for all 2015+ naturally asperated Mustang owners. Take your current Phase 1 Supercharger to the next level, or upgrade your 2015+ Mustang to a whopping 727 HP and 610 lb-ft Torque! The ROUSH Phase 2 system builds on the outstanding performance of our 2015-2016 Phase

Centerline International Alfa Romeo 4C

Alfa Romeo 4C Stradale Performance Exhaust from Centerline International

Jan 20, 2016No Comments46 Views

The “Stradale” is a new 100% stainless steel center-exit 4C exhaust system exclusively from Centerline International. Made in the USA by performance exhaust specialists Magnaflow, the system provides a deep, smooth exhaust tone and less back pressure for increased performance. The “Stradale” is a complete large diameter “cat back” exhaust which includes a new mid-pipe and resonated center exit rear section. Kit also includes replacement mesh inserts for the rear valance and detailed installation instructions. Dyno tests for the Centerline International Alfa Romeo 4C “Stradale” exhaust system show the system provides gains of 14 rwhp and 12.5 ft/lbs of torque!

BMR Suspension 2005-2015 Mustang Motor Mounts

BMR Suspension Polyurethane Motor Mounts for 2005 and Newer Mustangs

Jan 15, 2016No Comments66 Views

Engine movement (deflection) is wasted horsepower, and that power is yours! BMR Suspension wants you to take it back with its polyurethane motor mounts for 2005 to 2015 Ford Mustang. BMR’s new motor mounts (MM007) are far superior to the bulky, stock bushings, which are designed for comfort, not performance. BMR manufactures its MM007 polyurethane motor mounts in its Florida facility from CNC-laser cut ¼-inch plate steel with aircraft-grade 7075 billet aluminum spacers and 95-durometer polyurethane bushings. The kit is completed with Grade-8 hardware. BMR Suspension designed the MM007 to be the perfect (100% bolt-in) motor mount for any power

Ford Coyote Power Module Engine and Transmission Package

Ford Coyote Power Module Engine and Transmission Packages

Jan 02, 2016No Comments255 Views

The crew at Ford Performance have spec’d out a complete kit to simplify the swap of modern 5.0L Coyote power into just about any Ford vehicle. The Coyote Power Module teams the Mustang GT 435 horsepower 5.0L Coyote V8 Tremec 6 Speed manual or 6 speed automatic transmission – and all the electronics and hardware to finish the installation. Coyote Power Module simplifies both the shopping and build experience by kitting up the right parts that are matched to deliver potent performance with civilized drivability. The engine control pack and wiring harness is truly plug and play and simplifies the

RideTech StreetGrip Gen 1 Camaro Suspension

Introducing the RideTech StreetGrip System for GM Muscle Cars

Dec 25, 2015No Comments112 Views

Today’s discerning hotrodder wants to enjoy driving their older musclecar as much as they enjoy driving their new Camaro. You want ride quality. You want handling performance. You DO NOT want to spend weeks or thousands of dollars to accomplish this. RideTech feels the same way! That is why the StreetGrip suspension system was created. The virtues of a quality RideTech suspension system have been well-documented on highways and race tracks all over the world. Now, we have combined this history of product quality and racing success into the intelligent hotrodders efficient suspension system – the RideTech StreetGrip! Go to

QA1 Carbon Fiber Driveshaft

QA1 Introduces High Horsepower REV Series Carbon Fiber Driveshafts

Dec 21, 2015No Comments102 Views

QA1 is proud to introduce high horsepower designs with its REV Series Performance Carbon Fiber Driveshafts. Available for vehicles with up to 2000 horsepower with a max torque of 1500 lb*ft, these driveshafts are now offered in a 3.7” diameter with 1350 U-joints and slip yoke options to fit a variety of popular applications. QA1 launched the REV Series earlier this year with lightweight street performance driveshafts offered in a 3.2” diameter with 1310 U-joints and designed for vehicles with up to 750 horsepower with a max torque of 500 lb*ft. With the addition of these higher horsepower driveshafts, the

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